—R. A. Lafferty

    On several occasions, Lafferty named his favorite stories. See footnotes.

       · Commentary
      “I am reasonably happy with what I have written and with the reception it has had. But I can't think of any work or event that makes it to the 'greatest thrill' category. It's a little bit like asking a man who has loved his breakfast eggs for sixty years to name the most thrilling egg he ever ate. He might hesitate a bit and come out with something no better than:
        Oh, there was a really superior egg on June 9 of 1932, and another on February 8 of 1947, And in 1951 (it was either April 4 or April 5) I had two absolutely perfect eggs. But no, it would be presumptuous of me to name the most thrilling egg I ever ate. They were all so good!”
          —R. A. Lafferty, Interview by Tom Jackson, Lan's Lantern #39 (1991)
      “The most neglected of my favorite short stories is 'Bird Master.' The reason for this was probably that it was published in a Chris Drumm booklet which reached maybe 500 readers, whereas many of the other stories published in magazines reached one hundred times as many readers.”
        —R. A. Lafferty, Interview by Tom Jackson, Lan's Lantern #39 (1991)

  • One at a Time (1968123
  • Ride a Tin Can (1970123
  • Continued on Next Rock (197012
         · 1972 Ditmar Nominee,    · 1971 Hugo Nominee, Best Short Story    · 1971 Nebula Nominee, Best Short Story    · 1970 Locus 3rd, Best Short Fiction
  • Slow Tuesday Night (196512
         · 2010 Arthur B. Evans, The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction    · 1979 James Gunn, The Road To Science Fiction #3    · 1966 Nebula Nominee, Best Short Story
  • Snuffles (196012
  • One-Eyed Mocking-Bird (19821
  • The Ultimate Creature (19673
  • Among the Hairy Earthmen (19663
         · 1967 Nebula Made First Ballot, Best Short Story
  • The Weirdest World (19613
  • Bird-Master (19831
  • Selenium Ghosts of the Eighteen Seventies (19781
         · 1979 Locus 15th, Best Short Fiction
  • You Can't Go Back (19811
  • All Pieces of a River Shore (19701
  • Narrow Valley (19661
         · 1998 Robert Silverberg, The Fantasy Hall of Fame    · 1992 Gardner Dozois, Modern Classics of Science Fiction
  • Configuration of the North Shore (19691
         · 1997 Gardner Dozois, Modern Classics of Fantasy
  • Golden Gate (19821
         · 1984 Locus 15th, Best Short Fiction
  • Old Foot Forgot (19701
  • Rainbird (19611
  • Faith Sufficient (19831
  • Great Tom Fool or The Conundrum of the Calais Customhouse Coffers (19821
  • Ginny Wrapped in the Sun (19673
  • Cliffs That Laughed (19693
         · 1994 Locus 22nd, Best Short Story


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