Date Age Event Location
1914 Nov  0 Born Neola, IA
1918   4 Family moved Perry, OK
1920   6 Family moved Tulsa, OK
1924   10 First visit to Pacific Ocean Ocean Park, CA
1924   10 Memorized 18-vol Groller History of the World Tulsa, OK
1928   14 Graduated from Christ the King (Grammar School) Tulsa, OK
1932   18 Graduated from Cascia Hall (Augustinian Prep School) Tulsa, OK
1933   19 Attended night school at U of Tulsa for two years Tulsa, OK
1934?   20 Worked for US Government in civil service Washington, DC
1935?   21 Worked at Clark Electric Co. Tulsa, OK
1939?   24 Worked at Tulsa newspaper, first writing phase? Tulsa, OK
1941?   26 Graduated from ICS Elec. Eng. correspondence course Tulsa, OK
1942 Apr  27 Enlisted in U.S. Army Tulsa, OK
1946   32 Left U.S. Army (served as Staff Sergeant) Tulsa, OK
1950   35 Worked for a year away from Tulsa Oklahoma City
1957   42 Began writing (second phase) Tulsa, OK
1959 Jun  44 First story accepted Tulsa, OK
1959 Dec  45 First story published Tulsa, OK
1960 Jul  45 Signed with agent A.L. Fierst Tulsa, OK
1962   47 Signed with agent Virginia Kidd Tulsa, OK
1968   53 First novel sold Tulsa, OK
1968   53 First meeting with SF fandom (minicon) Oklahoma City
1969   54 First Nebula Award Nomination New Orleans, LA
1969   54 Editor Frederik Pohl left Galaxy, ending RAL story run
1970   55 2-year publishing streak of good stories ('70 & '71) Tulsa, OK
1971   56 Retired from electrical business Tulsa, OK
1972   57 Health: illness (heart?), no travel or writing Tulsa, OK
1972   57 Winner, Little Invisible Man Award SF Bay Area, CA
1973   58 Winner, Hugo Award Toronto, Canada
1975   60 Winner, Best Short Fiction, Seiun Award Japan
1977   62 Interview recorded at DeepSouthCon Birmingham, AL
1979   64 Guest of Honor Speech at DeepSouthCon New Orleans, LA
1979   64 First PC spreadsheet launched, will transform publishing
1981?   67 Health: injured knees
1982   68 D. Schweitzer interview at World SF Convention Chicago, IL
1984   70 Attended DeepSouthCon Chattanooga, TN
1984 Nov  70 Retired from writing Tulsa, OK
1990   75 Winner, Lifetime AchievementWorld Fantasy Schaumburg, IL
1991   76 T. Jackson interview in Lan's Lantern #39
1991 Sep  76 Attended ChiCon V (last con attended?) Chicago, IL
1994   80 Health: suffered a small stroke Tulsa, OK
1995   81 Winner, Lifetime AchievementArrell Gibson Award Tulsa, OK
1996?   82 Health: larger stroke? Moved to nursing home? Tulsa, OK
1997   83 Story in The Fantasy Hall of Fame
1997 Dec  83 Health: confirmed to be in nursing home. Broken Arrow, OK
1998   83 Story in Modern Classics of Science Fiction
1998 Mar  83 IGOTS 19: Ray's mail for #18 was returned Atlanta, GA
1999 Mar  84 Health: update from Ray's nurse. Broken Arrow, OK
1999 May  84 IGOTS 20: D. Knight said that Ray is in nursing home Atlanta, GA
2001   86 Story in The Best Science Fiction of the Century
2002 Mar  87 Died at nursing home. Broken Arrow, OK
2002    Winner, Rediscovery Award, Cordwainer Smith Foundation
2003    Memorial Guest of Honor at Readercon 15 Burlington, MA
2010    Story in The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction Middletown, CT
2011 May   Estate sold literary rights to Locus Foundation Durham, NC
2013 Apr   Hardcover translation of Fourth Mansions Japan
2014 Feb   Centipede Press released #1 of 12 collector volumes USA
2014 Jun   Locus signed with JABberwocky Literary Agency New York, NY
2014 Aug   Panel at World SF Convention
Article, The Guardian
London, UK
2014 Nov   Centennial Tributes
Lost and Found, This Land Press
Feast of Laughter #1, Ktistec Press
Hayakawa SF
Panel at World Fantasy
November 2014, Locus

Tulsa, OK
Washington, DC
Oakland, CA
2015 Jan   Centipede Press released #2 of 12 collector volumes USA

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