Short Stories

Slow Tuesday Night
—R. A. Lafferty

  •   · Excerpt    
      "“It had been a slow Tuesday night. A few hundred new products had run their course on the markets. There had been a score of dramatic hits, three-minute and five-minute capsule dramas, and several of the six-minute long-play affairs. Night Street Nine—a solidly sordid offering—seemed to be in as the drama of the night unless there should be a late hit. Hundred-storied buildings had been erected, occupied, obsoleted, and demolished again to make room for more contemporary structures. Only the mediocre would use a building that had been left over from the Day-Flies or the Dawners, or even the Nyctalops of the night before. The city was rebuilt pretty completely at least three times during an eight-hour period.”"  —R. A. Lafferty
         · 2010 Arthur B. Evans, The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction    · 1979 James Gunn, The Road To Science Fiction #3    · 1966 Nebula Nominee, Best Short Story

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